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December 01, 2019 2 min read

If you haven't heard of Frescobol (or Frescoball), you're missing out! As the summer gets rolling, you need to try playing Frescobol, the perfect sandy beach sport. Don't waste your summer lounging around the beach, reading the same dusty magazine. Get up and get a game of Frescobol going!

Frescobol got its start on the beautiful Copacabana Beach in Brazil during the 1940s. Played with a Vero (frescobol.com) wood, fiberglass or carbon fiber racquet and a bouncy rubber ball. The ball should be a bright red or orange, not blue as it will blend with the water and green landscapes. This game is inexpensive to get into and completely addicting! It's a mix of badminton, beach tennis, and can be played both indoors and out. Playing on the beach lets you get a great workout while impressing those sunbathers looking on.

How the Frescobol Game is Played

Frescobol is super easy to play. Two players stand facing each other at a comfortable distance. Both have a racquet or paddle, and there is one ball. Hold the paddle toward the top of the handle and pretend your shaking its hand. The object of the game is to continue hitting the ball to each other without it touching the ground. Unlike tennis where you're trying to outplay your opponent, in Frescobol the point is to keep the volley going as long as possible! The key is to watch the pall all the way to your paddle. You form a partnership and keep the rallies going back and forth.

Variations of the game are up to the players. You could form teams of two, three or more. You could gang up on the best player in your group. If you want to keep track of points, you could follow the competitive circuit's scoring system. When Frescobol is competitively played, teams earn points based on keeping the ball in the air the longest and who has played with the most style. I recommend you skip the points and just have fun with friends and family.

With minimal equipment, Frescobol is an affordable pastime for anyone! Young, old, fit, laid back, and competitive players can all enjoy Frescobol! Get yourself some gear, get out, and get playing Frescobol today!