2 Official Red Frescobol Balls
Frescobol American Birch Wood Beach Paddle Game Kit
Frescobol Bamboo Wood Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Brasil Flag Animado Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Laranja Florida Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Lollipop Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Pastel de Flor Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Preto Carbon Fiber Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Snow White Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Solid Walnut, Poplar, Maple, Hickory, Cherry Wood Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Sun Burst Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Teak Wood Beach Paddle Kit
Frescobol Walnut Wood Beach Paddle Kit

Happy Holidays! Fun beach frescobol gifts for your friends & family!

 Happy Holidays not from the North Pole but sunny Florida!   Our elves are busy in the workshops cutting, burning, sanding, lacquering and packing American made wood beach frescobol aka frescoball, paddleball, into our colorful green, yellow and blue boxes.  Unique gifts shipped around the world.  Add the gift box option only once on the product page and we'll get it out the door with a bow ASAP. Thank you all for a great year!  We shipped the Vero paddles to 41 countries this year!  Frescobol Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by Vero Frescobol from frescobol on Vimeo.  .

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Official Frescobol Portable Backstop Nets

Ready to play frescobol but not at the beach?  No problem.  The latest line of portable frescobol backstop nets are wider, taller, lighter and more portable than ever.  Nets are custom made by hand one at a time in a workshop by Frescoball London in the UK.  The white nets establish a clean uniform backdrop which greatly improves the visibility of the red or orange frescobol ball.  The sleeves along the two end posts are available in a variety of fun bright colors.  They are perfect for establishing a safe environment for any racquet sport such as frescobol or pickleball;....

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Meet Frescobol, new official sport of summer.

Or at least it should be. Dreamt up on the sun-drenched beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the game’s pretty straightforward in concept: two paddle-equipped partners hit a small ball back and forth, doing their darnedest to keep it from hitting the ground. In practice, though, you’ll have to spend long days outside perfecting your technique — but something tells us you’re up to the challenge. Pick up this lineup, grab a partner, and start swinging. When you’re spending a day out in the sun, enjoying the season’s finest weather, give Frescobol a shot by breaking out this three-piece starter set.....

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Frescobol, the number one beach paddle ball sport played on the beaches throughout Brazil has arrived to the shores of the United States. We offer high performance wood, fiberglass and carbon paddles engineered in Brazil and Made in USA using the finest materials. Frescobol is a fun non-competitive sport played in any open space with family and friends.
Now shipping worldwide from Florida,

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