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January 01, 2020 2 min read

Or at least it should be. Dreamt up on the sun-drenched beaches of Rio de Janeiro, the game’s pretty straightforward in concept: two paddle-equipped partners hit a small ball back and forth, doing their darnedest to keep it from hitting the ground. In practice, though, you’ll have to spend long days outside perfecting your technique — but something tells us you’re up to the challenge. Pick up this lineup, grab a partner, and start swinging.

When you’re spending a day out in the sun, enjoying the season’s finest weather, give Frescobol a shot by breaking out this three-piece starter set. The paddles are handcrafted in Florida — understandable, given the game’s beachside appeal — using a marine-grade, honeycomb structured American birch wood that’s highly durable, well-balanced, and lightweight, perfect for wielding during long rallies. Each is fitted with a grip made from a high-tack elastomer with a raised, padded groove, ensuring that the racquet will stay put in your hand when you swing. The ball’s a hollow silica-rubber composite number with just enough bounce, but not so much that it’ll go flying out of reach. It’ll also float in shallow water, which’ll come in handy at the beach.

As for how to play, the basics are pretty simple. Start by choosing a wide-open space, preferably in a park, on the sand, or in some shallow water (this’ll keep the ball from bouncing away should a hit go astray). Then, standing 15-25 feet from your partner, serve up the ball, and keep on swinging until one of you misses. Wondering how you win? Well, you don’t really; it’s a cooperative sport. But if you were to feel particularly competitive, you could compete in teams and see which pair of players can keep the ball aloft the longest. But why ruin the good vibes?

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