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About Us

Vero Frescobol is a Florida based family business manufacturing premium frescobol beach paddles, ball and gear.

In 2001 we discovered the fun sport of frescobol on Costa do Cacau beach in Bahia Brazil. Ever since we've been perfecting the simple Rio de Janeiro inspired birch wood frescobol paddle.  

Our premium frescobol beach racquets continue to evolve; incorporating aerospace fiber carbon, premium fiberglass and sourcing proprietary marine-grade honeycomb structured woods, binding solid walnut, cherry and hickory.  We work with ethically sourced American hardwood solid and proprietary honeycomb structured woods that yield warm natural tones and unique character.  

The honeycomb wood models offer the greatest sweet-spot end to end giving you the most control and fun; yet extremely durable and super lightweight ~10.5oz (298g).  All wood paddles are finished with a beautiful laser logo burn.  In step 18 we treat them with an eco-friendly lacquer, often with teak oil, so salt water runs off with ease.  

Paddles are carefully crafted with pride in our Florida USA and Brazil workshops.  Each paddle is guaranteed for life!  If you're the original owner and a problem develops due to a defect we'll replace it asap.

Our VIP wonderful customers worldwide continue to send us notes and images of paddles purchased in the early 2000's still at play - often passed down to their kids.

It's nice to see friends around the globe playing frescobol, frescoball or a close variant (Palas, Paleta, Racchettone, Pok ta pok, Racketa, Matkot, Fastball, BeachRacket, Paddleball).  Played around the US, UK, Spain, Greece, Italy, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan, Mexico, Costa Rica and where it all started - magical Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

We hope you enjoy playing the sport!  Fun for the whole family.  Send us your pics.

Wholesale accounts,send us a note today if interested in becoming an authorized dealer!  Ask about our Retail Quick-start Package - eight wood frescobol beach paddles shipped to your store in three days.

 Play your best, Play with Vero.

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