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October 01, 2019 2 min read

Ready to play frescobol but not at the beach?  No problem. 

The latest line of portable frescobol backstop nets are wider, taller, lighter and more portable than ever.  Nets are custom made by hand one at a time in a workshop by Steve Green of Frescoball London in the UK.  The white nets establish a clean uniform backdrop which greatly improves the visibility of the red or orange frescobol ball.  The sleeves along the two end posts are available in a variety of fun bright colors. 

They are perfect for establishing a safe environment for any racquet sport such as frescobol, kadima or pickleball; useful in parks, playgrounds, street fairs, farmer markets and more.  Best of all, the nets prevent the frescobol ball from leaving your portable court.  It stops it in its tracks!  The sand and water at the beach act as a natural backstop – the ball simply stops rolling.  Now there’s a great alternative.

January 2020 Update:

I'm saddened to report that my friend and frescobol ambassador to the world is no longer with us.  We first met in 2008; he was beginning a frescobol camp, holding lessons in London.  I was happy to donate some paddles to get him started.  We corresponded often, trading thoughts on the sport.  He will be missed.  I'd like to share some of our last words:

"...I have some new fabrics and they are a pleasure to work with.  The supplier of the netting material has a new grade of netting that is not as tedious to stitch as the previous material.  I bought a new sewing machine that is much better to operate.  This gives me pleasure when I finish a new net and I make the photo standing in front of the net with it erected perfectly square...Soon nets will be the standard...No one will want to play except between nets...This will be one of my legacies."  Steve Green

Steve, doing what he loved, making backstop nets for all beach paddle sports.

vero frescobol backstop nets by steve green of london united kingdom for beach bat games