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Ocean Blue Birch Wood Frescobol Beach Paddle Game Kit

This Vero Frescobol starter set contains everything you need to learn the game. Perfect for kids, teens or adults that want a quality set that will last but won't cost a fortune. Have fun while developing hand-eye coordination skills and performing a bit of exercise. New, for 2020 - Vero Classic Blue super light weight birch wood models wrapped with our premium padded white grips. The honeycomb structure wood combined with our original paddle shape yields a very wide sweet spot that improves ball accuracy.

Our complete frescobol set contains the following:
2 wood light weight and durable frescobol paddles. Only 9oz (255g) each! Official 16.75” Long 7.75” Wide.
2 padded and comfortable white grips wrap each paddle
2 official frescobol medium-bounce high visibility red rubber balls
1 dark blue snug-fitting neoprene tote-bag for protecting and carrying your set to the beach!
Lifetime guarantee

Light weight, durable and perfectly balanced beach paddles with a soft comfortable grip is what you need for long fun rallies. Perfect for spring break & summer fun! Paddles also good for playing paleta, racchettone, pok ta pok, racketa, matkot, fastball, beachracket.

A perfect starter set.