Which frescobol racquet is best for me?

How to choose the best frescobol paddle.

Common question and with so many options we understand why.  Frescobol paddles range from thin cheap compressed wood often found at the big box stores to expensive aerospace injected molded carbon fiber and many options in-between.  Let’s review the various Frescobol paddle (racquet) types!

Vero Frescobol Carbon Fiber Paddles
For those who want to play their best choose our made in Brazil carbon fiber Frescobol paddles.  Our carbon vendor supplies the aircraft industry so we’re working with the best materials.  A foam core encased in carbon fiber yields a super wide sweet-spot and superb ball control.  They are very light weight and waterproof to heighten playability for long rallies. 
Best for any play level but our most experienced players will appreciate the most.
Playability A+     Durability A

Vero Frescobol Fiberglass Paddles
Also made in Brazil, our fiberglass line of injected molded paddles is crafted in a variety of fun colors and designs.  Like the carbon line we use a foam core to elongate the sweet-spot for greater ball control and long rallies.  They're also light weight and are waterproof for many years of play.  Best for any play level.
Playability A       Durability A

Vero Frescobol American Structured Honeycomb Wood Paddles
Our original and perfected for 17 years, the American wood models are made in the USA using a proprietary wood structure that creates air pockets which reduces weight and expands the sweet-spot.  The “pop” sound when the ball projects off the paddle is more pronounced compared to solid woods.  You have greater ball control compared to solid woods.  Only marine-grade wood materials are used to ensure it sheds water and resists scratching.  Using 100% real wood ensures each paddle will be unique.
Best for beginner to advance level frescobol, frescoball, paddleball players.
Playability A       Durability A-      

Vero Frescobol American Solid Wood Paddles
Our solid wood models are made in USA using Hickory, Cherry, Poplar, Oak, Walnut and Maple, light weight and perfectly balanced.  Because they are made of solid wood the sweet-spot is slightly reduced and the play is a bit faster.  The mix of solid wood species make for a truly unique paddle – no two are the same.
Best for experienced to advance frescobol players.
Playability A-      Durability B+

Mass-market solid wood models tend to be a bit heavy, clunky and often top heavy - unbalanced.  The ball simply doesn't bounce as well on thick solid wood planks especially if it’s heavily lacquered and shiny.  Instead of a bite on the ball it skids!

Since 2001 we've been perfecting a wide variety of premium frescobol paddles and gear in the USA – it’s our only focus.  Paddles come with a lifetime guarantee for the original owner.

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Frescobol, the number one beach paddle ball sport played on the beaches throughout Brazil has arrived to the shores of the United States. We offer high performance wood, fiberglass and carbon paddleball paddles engineered in Brazil and Made in USA using the finest materials. Frescobol is a fun non-competitive sport played in any open space with family and friends.
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