Rainforest Therapy™ is a brand of all natural skin care products. 

Our oils and butters are sourced directly from indigenous people in the lower river basin of Amazonas Brazil.  Andiroba, Copaiba oils and Cupuacu, Mururmuru butters are available to us when in season.  

Our oils and butters are harvested in a sustainable manner and cold pressed the natural way.  They are gently filtered to remove any tree or nut particles then bottled in small batches and flown to Florida where the careful blending of ingredients begin.

We've crafted just a couple strong healing products by blending natures magical ingredients from North and South America.

We've partnered with Vero Frescobol to reintroduce this brand to life once again where they have channels to international markets.  

Blending ancient Indigenous knowledge of healing plants with today’s most modern skincare technologies, unlocking secret rainforest formulas since 1988.

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