Two American Birch wood frescobol paddles with comfortable high-performance grips, one official high-visibility red frescobol ball and a beach tote-bag.

Hand crafted using proprietary marine grade honeycomb structured American Birch wood yielding a very light, durable and perfectly balanced paddle.  

Premium padded grip with twin-channel system provides ultimate comfort and air flow, while the high-tack elastomer surface ensures a firm grip. Perfect for play in hot, humid and wet conditions.

Now available in two weights!

Original = Super lightweight at 10.5oz (298g), yet extremely durable!  Perfect for beginners just getting started and for those who prefer a very easy to handle paddle.  Since 2001, they're light and comfortable; fits like a glove with amazing ball control.  

Pro = Weighting approximately 14oz (397g), and super durable!  Best for those advanced players who prefer more power!  Same size and balance as the Original; we specified an American birch wood with slightly fewer and more dense honeycomb air pockets. This translates to more power that retains a very large sweet-spot that yields great control.  

We use real wood and therfore each paddle is unique in it's natural grain and weight; they can vary plus or minus 1oz. 

#1 Seller. The original, Rio de Janeiro inspired paddle that we've been perfecting since 2001.

Made in Florida, USA. 

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Frescobol, the number one beach paddle ball sport played on the beaches throughout Brazil has arrived to the shores of the United States. We offer high performance wood, fiberglass and carbon paddleball paddles engineered in Brazil and Made in USA using the finest materials. Frescobol is a fun non-competitive sport played in any open space with family and friends.
Now shipping worldwide from Florida. Free shipping in the US. Get your pair today!

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