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One Florida Green Gator Starter Scratch-n-dent Paddle

From the land of Misfit Toys!  We work with real wood and therefore each paddle is unique and special but sometimes the wood may have a slight scratch, dent or knot.  Sometimes busy worker elves in our Florida workshop may drop a tool on one - oops.  Don't let these unfortunate frescobol paddles remain on the Island of Misfit toys, snap up a great deal and take them to the beach.  

One wood frescoball paddle with a slight imperfection; a scratch, knot, discoloration, blemish, logo mistake, or small chip.  Sample photo only.   

They are all 100% functional, very durable, perfectly balanced and light weight.

Sold individually.  Don't forget to add a pack of high-visibility orange balls.

Neoprene case available.

Free Shipping.