Frescobol Recycled Sail Bag

Hand stitched in Maine, USA using 100% recycled sail and boat rope. The sail taken form shipwrecks and retired sailboats is cleaned and sewn into a very durable frescobol bag!  Linda!

On our sail bag inside pocket, you will find a piece of authentic sea glass, which has been physically changed by the ocean. This is our gift to you from the sea. It was frosted by the sea water and made smooth by being tumbled for years on the floor and beaches of the Atlantic Ocean.

The retired sails used to make sail bags are generally of Dacron in varying weights and degrees of whiteness. Marks or discoloration on the sail material used are the signs of the sail’s former life. It has endured oceans weather during adventures miles away from shore somewhere in the vast Atlantic.

Recycled sailcloth bags not only look great, but they're eco-friendly too. Holds several frescobol paddle ball rackets, your favorite book and more.  Enjoy!

Handcrafted from recycled sails on the working waterfront in Portland, Maine, USA