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NEW for 2024! 

Two rich, exotic Bamboo wood frescobol paddles with comfortable high-performance grips, one official high-visibility red frescobol ball and our pro neoprene protective beach bag.

Bamboo is one of the most successful plant species on Earth. This fast-growing grass thrives in a wide range of environments, with the hardiest plants reaching their full height in less than a year. Because of its renewable nature, bamboo is being turned to more than ever in the hunt for sustainable materials.  Bamboo is an ideal replacement for virgin wood timber and other finite resources.   

Premium padded grip with twin-channel system provides ultimate comfort and air flow, while the high-tack elastomer surface ensures a firm grip. Perfect for play in hot, humid and wet conditions.

Our best performing wood model to date. Engineered for perfect balance, a wide sweet spot, and extremely durable.

Made in Florida, USA. 

Grip Color
Original Black
Florida Orange
Lime Green
Snow White