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October 20, 2021 1 min read

Frescotennis™ Selects Vero Frescobol™ Carbon and Fiberglass Paddles for this new sport.

"We choose Vero Frescobol for their apex level manufacturing of high precision and expertly balanced paddles. There is no competition with their quality and what Vero brings to the sport of Frescotennis."  Shane, IFL President


A dynamic, high octane singles and group alternative sporting experience. Played on the entirety of a standard tennis court, Frescotennis™ was created and developed on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Anybody Can Play
All ages and skill levels can play! As Frescotennis paddles do not use strings and utilize special rubber balls, there is less body impact than from string sports. Additional safeguards place less impact on the body.

Massive Health Benefits
Cardiovascular and circulatory systems can be vigorously exercised and maintained playing Frescotennis. Individuals with any preexisting health condition(s) should speak with their doctor before playing.

A Strategic Experience
With hand crafted carbon fiber and fiberglass paddles imported from Brazil and special rubber balls there are unique strategic aspects and qualities to the sport. Points can be scored in a vast myriad of methods.

A Fun Workout
For toning, weight loss and light athletic conditioning break free from the tedious and tired workouts of the past. Try the exciting and effective alternative workout, Frescotennis!

Visit the IFL Pro Shop to customize your equipment and enjoy free RUSH shipping to your door. Locate your closest tennis court and you are in business!

CONTACT Shane at IFL@frescotennis.com a Vero Frescobol Brand Ambassador carrying our full line of high performance fiberglass and carbon fiber paddles for maximum power and playability.  

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