Reclaimed Tobacco Barn Solid Wood Frescobol Beach Paddleball Kit - Limited Stock Available!

New, rustic reclaimed tobacco barn solid wood beach paddles.  

Our unique wood comes from tobacco barns unused since the 1970's due to changes in the drying and curing processes.  Great care is taken in the finishing process to take off just enough wood to give the paddle a smooth finish without removing the natural beauty of the wood itself.  Nail holes are filled with a clear marine-grade waterproof poly.  The color is all natural. no stains or dyes are used to provide this rich warm coloring; only a light clear coat of a weatherproof poly is used to protect it from salt water.  Our recycled wood is available in Antique Pine, Gum, Oak, Cypress, Poplar and other species.

Stunningly beautiful, rustic and perfectly balanced.  Play your best, play with Vero.

Made in USA.

This product is made with 100% of materials derived from preexisting wood structures.  No two frescobol paddles are alike.


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